Advertising. Reinvented.

Advertising. Reinvented.


No ad tech middlemen and no third-party dependencies.
We charge a 3% commission for direct deals, 6% for RTB.
You get 100% accurate first-party data.

Advertising is broken

Advertisers lose $35B in ad fraud every year.[1]

Publishers lose 70% of revenue in ad tech tax.[2]

Users lose up to 80% of their data plans on ads.[3]

how we
fix it:
  Of every $1 spent on ads, Of every $1 spent on ads, of every $1 spent on ads
are lost on middlemen.  
AdHash cuts out the ad tech middlemen to bring efficiency, trust, and privacy.
We make transparency the default state of digital advertising.

For advertisers

100% accurate data.
That you own.

First-party data is your most valuable proprietary asset. This is why we think you should own it.

For the first time, advertisers can collect and store campaign performance data directly on their servers. No more data loss, discrepancies, and theft. You know where your data is stored and you have 100% ownership.

Direct supply path
to premium publishers

AdHash Marketplace meets premium publishers with reputable brands.

A direct advertiser-to-publisher supply path for real-time bidding auctions and programmatic direct deals. A more controlled, brand-safe environment with 25x lower ad tech tax.

Real-time reporting
and immediate control

Campaigns launch in under three minutes. Reports update in under five seconds. Optimisations apply instantly.

From quick performance overview to click-level data and granular reports broken down by URLs, locations, browsers, devices, and ten other parameters.

Built-in heatmaps

Colour-coded visualisations of click coordinates depict how people interact with your ads and provide key insights into ad design performance and traffic quality.

You can parse through large data sets to quickly visualise certain traits. Analyse click-level data by URL, publisher, device type, and other parameters to make more informed optimisations.
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For publishers

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25x reduction in ad tech tax

A direct publisher-to-advertiser supply path eliminates the complexity and replaces the 70% ad tech tax with a single and transparent 3% commission.

While our protection against ad blockers allows publishers to regain previously lost revenues, new ad formats boost engagement and drive more value across both RTB campaigns and direct deals.

Audience segmentation

In a cookie-less world, first-party data are publishers’ most valuable proprietary asset. But how do you utilise it?

AdHash is the first protocol to allow direct server-to-advertiser communication. Publishers can define specific audience segments and communicate them directly to the advertisers via the bid stream. Segments can be pre-populated with existing data and scaled over time, providing richer targeting opportunities.

20x faster ad loading time

AdHash ads load in under 150 ms. Why does this matter? Sites that load faster earn up to 2x more, have 25% higher viewability, and 20% longer sessions.

53% of people abandon pages that take longer than 3 seconds to load. So every second of added delay not only undermines the user experience but can dramatically impact your bottom line.

Radical transparency

For the first time, publishers and advertisers can directly compare daily records of clicks and costs, and completely eliminate end-of-month disputes. The system automatically safeguards from discrepancies above a set threshold.

Explore real-time click-level data and granular reports by advertisers, locations, devices, and nine other parameters. All in a single easy-to-use UI.
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Cutting out
the middlemen

What if you could invest those 70% in something other than middlemen?

Explore the AdHash Public Marketplace to bring automation, scale, and targeting to your direct deals. Or get started with AdHash RTB and launch your real-time bidding campaigns without worrying about ad fraud ever again.

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Use AdHash RTB

Or keep scrolling to learn more about the secret sauce powering our technology.

The world's first trustless protocol
for digital advertising

What do we mean by trustless? Advertisers have full control over their targeting and data analysis. No need to trust or share data with any third-party technology vendor. Not even AdHash.

How do we make this possible? By storing key components on a blockchain and using a unique combination of cryptography and distributed databases.

What is recorded on the blockchain?


What is recorded on the blockchain?

Contextual targeting

We target context, not individuals. AdHash relies on contextual intelligence to deliver relevant messaging across the open internet.

Our technology reads contextual signals in the content and URLs of webpages to detect new audience opportunities. Advertisers can go beyond simply targeting keywords. They can now fine-tune their reach by using hyper-contextual targeting to focus on specific URLs or groups of URLs that hold specific relevance. Bid multipliers can channel resources according to the level of relevance.

Beautiful ad formats

While targeting is important, what really seals the deal is a good creative. Making consistently appealing ads that are quick to load and light on the device is key.

Beyond the standard static ad formats, AdHash offers a portfolio of new visual hooks: a new generation of in-text ads, speech video bubbles, programmatic wallpapers, along with the right tools to build them. See below.

Ad Builder

Create high-impact ads quickly and effortlessly with the Ad Builder. Build skins that consider each website’s unique design to render perfectly every time. Cut the back-and-forth communication and automate the process.

Watch the magic happen: Ad Builder video tutorial.
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Privacy and control

Advertising should compliment the content, not hold it hostage in the interest of extracting sensitive information. AdHash works without relying on personal data and cookies. It targets people by reading contextual signals to achieve relevance while respecting privacy. And we are transparent about it.

Users are given complete visibility into who is targeting them and why. A library of recently seen ads and blocked ads provides a record beyond the last served ad. Users can now effectively block ads they do not wish to see, and really stop seeing them.

Privacy-respectful advertising is the path to regaining readers’ trust and allowing publishers to create more and better quality content outside of paywalls.
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Advertising doesn't have to be

Imagine a world without online surveillance. A world where advertising sells products to people without turning people into products.
Now, let’s build it.

Cut out the middlemen and join AdHash