Meet the AdHash team

Meet the team

We are a team of passionate ad tech nerds, software engineers, designers, and data scientists. Our diverse backgrounds (science, engineering, media, design) converge at one point - making transparency and accountability the default state of digital advertising.

Dragan Iliev

Associate, Tech Support

BSc, Philosophy
Sofia University

In charge of client prospecting and lead qualification. Assists in resolving issues related to customer accounts.
Years of experience in computer and console game testing.

Does music production in his spare time. Likes nature.

Tsveta Lazarova

Data Scientist

BSc and MSc Physics
Sofia University
CERN Summer Student Programme

Analysing data, building and testing statistical models for business-related initiatives, and generating various types of reports.

Likes to read up on astronomy and particle physics.

Damyan Stanchev

Co-founder and CTO

BSc, Software Engineering
Sofia University

Heading the development team and designing the architecture behind the AdHash ecosystem. Oversees technical operations and brings complex ideas to live.

A car guy that loves to brew his own craft beer. Likes phone and drone photography.

Stoycho Stoychev

Analyst, Accounts and Finance

BSc, Accounting and Economics
UNWE, Sofia

Assisting in financial modelling and planning. Oversees client support and onboarding.

Loves practising the Wim Hof Method. When he is not spending time with his family and playing with his two children, he likes to go for a swim, a hike, or to read comic books.

Yordan Nenov

Front-end Developer

In charge of front-end development.

Creating functional and aesthetic design across all touch points. Building unique ad formats.

Old-school gamer, music junky, and Cosplay fan. Fond of nature.

Viktor Todorov

Intern Developer

Technology School Electronic Systems (TUES)

Involved in development, dev-ops, and automation QA projects.

IoT hobbyist, who likes playing around with hardware. Conquers mountain tops in his spare time. An avid fan of Tarantino movies.

Dimitar Botev

Business Development

BSc, Marketing and Finance
University of Münster

Identifies new business opportunities for AdHash, including new markets, growth areas, and partnerships.

Likes playing tennis. An occasional kite surfer. Drinks non-alcoholic beer.

Mila Karaleeva

QA Engineer

Computer Engineering Technology
UMG St. Ivan Rilski

Responsible for planning, developing, and directing quality assurance policies, programs, and initiatives.

Likes watching anime, especially Ghibli Studio movies.
Obsessed with miniature craft decor.

Mihail Mihaylov

Machine Learning Engineer

MSc (Hons) Artificial Intelligence,
BA (Hons) Information Systems and Business Administration
Sofia University

Responsible for building enhanced contextual targeting capabilities through natural language processing. Works on campaign forecasting algorithms.

Likes diving, skiing, mountaineering.

Biliana Kantardzhieva

Head of Growth

Communications and Journalism
University of Vienna

A frontline account executive managing various accounting, financial, and administrative operations.

Also a word inventor, ice breaker, travel craver, zumba-holic, beach bum, food explorer, Harry Potter buff, cat devotee, photography enthusiast.

Svetoslav Trushev

Senior Sysadmin and Developer

Close to 20 years experience in overseeing the security systems for large banks.

In charge of system administration and development. Managing servers and virtual infrastructures.

Frequents the gym and likes cycling. Builds and flies custom FPV racer drones.

Stefan Vasilev

Junior Developer

BSc Psychology
Sofia University

Focused on the front-end, wrestling with the beast that is JavaScript and any other programming tasks that may need tackling.

Likes playing boardgames, Dungeons & Dragons above all else.

Vencislav Saraminev

Junior Developer

Mechanical Engineering
Technical University of Sofia

Focusing on front-end development, UI, UX, usability, and building new features in the AdHash Platforms.

Loves playing football and mountain hiking.

Nishchal Basnyat


JD, Yale Law School
MPhil, University of Cambridge
BA, Harvard University

Responsible for various tactical initiatives including financial strategy and monitoring, fundraising, and global expansion.

Fascinated with horology, books on history, and playing the guitar.

Nikolay Georgiev

Junior Developer

Software Engineering
Sofia University

Responsible for building new features, refactoring code and fighting complex bugs.

Doesn’t really like many things but is fond of producing and listening to music. A somewhat successful procrastinator with considerable experience in the art of “me time”.

Martin Stoev

Co-founder and CEO

BSc, Physics
University of Cambridge, UK

Guiding the vision and direction of the company. Attracting key talent and building a strong loyal team.

Fancies tackling hard problems with no apparent solutions. Enjoys racing, overlanding, dirtbiking, paragliding, and flying drones. Likes dogs.

Ita Slavcheva


BDes (Hons) Product Design
Ulster University, Northern Ireland

In charge of graphic design and developing the visual identity of AdHash by executing creative concepts through various mediums.

In love with tropical plants, illustration, the great outdoors, and the colour mint green which she firmly believes is actually blue.

Dimitar Kalenderov


BSc, Computer Science
UniBit, Sofia

Responsible for UI design and developing under-the-hood features and functionalities for the AdHash Platforms.

Loves downhill biking, training his Belgian Shepherd Max, and smoking hookah.

Upreet Dhanoa

Business Development, Canada

Rotman, University of Toronto

In charge of sales and strategy development in Canada. Oversees the entire sales pipeline from lead generation, qualification, initial content to negotiation and closing deals.

Loves to travel and has a secret desire to binge-play video games on the weekends.

Adriana Taseva

Co-founder and COO

BA, Chinese Studies
University of Cambridge, UK

Managing business operations and product design and functionality. Implementing and executing growth strategies.

Once drove from Europe to Mongolia and back, crossing 34 countries and covering 41,208 km in 103 days.
Dabbles in painting.


Chief Security Officer

Responsible for the security of the office parameter.

A natural sociopath, uniquely qualified to fend off potential office intruders.

Likes sous-vide steak and a good old belly rub.

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