Referral program

Invite publishers, get €100 ad credit.

Earn €100 ad credit for each publisher you refer to AdHash. Publishers you invite get 30 days zero commission. Bring more of your publishers to AdHash to scale and optimise your direct and RTB media buying, while also helping AdHash grow and provide better services to you.

Who can I refer?

You can refer publishers as long as they are new AdHash customers (they must not have a registered AdHash account). All referred clients go through a review and approval process.

When do I get my ad credit?

Your €100 ad credit will be added to your account as soon as the publisher is approved and starts serving ads on AdHash.

How can I spend my ad credit?

You can spend your ad credit on both - RTB and direct campaigns in AdHash.

OK, what’s next?

Sign up for free to the AdHash Platform and join our Referral Program.